IPC GDF SUEZ  - Silcote Corners 

Representation of proposed project at Silcote Corners

As of June 2011 the IPC GDF SUEZ Silcote Project is number 21 on the OPA list for final government approval.  They are currently awaiting their ECT (economic connection test). This facility is considered to be a Class 4 Wind Facility. The proposed Silcote Corners Wind Farm has a name plate capacity of 46.8 MW.  The Project Area is located south of the Community of Balaclava, east of the Community of Leith and approximately 4 km north of highway 26. It has an area of approximately 3500 ha.

Each red dot represents the approximate location of a turbine.

Information for this project which has been publically presented by the proponent is listed below:

Draft Proposal June 2010

Notice of 1st Public Meeting

The Area

Northern part of the former Sydenham Township now part of The Municipality of Meaford

This area of the Niagara escarpment, known as the Nipissing Bluff extends all the way from the village of Leith to Coffin Hill where it rises majestically over Owen Sound bay.  The shore of a post-glacial lake, the bluff is badly eroded, undercut with small streams and numerous waterfalls .  Here, the wind has been a constant, a feature of everyday life for those who live there.  

This is the northern most portion of what was once Sydenham Township (now the Municipality of Meaford). This land that stretches from Annan and Leith to Balaclava and Silcote, is farm country.  Beginning in the 1840s, hundreds of settlers found homes blessed with good land, deep topsoil, forests waiting to be harvested, and barns to be built.  

Now it is about to be invaded by industrial wind turbines.

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